Corey Williams, Senior ETF Strategist

Corey WilliamsCorey Williams is the editor of Sector ETF Trader, an investment advisory service focused on profiting from ETFs and the economic cycle.  Under Corey’s leadership, the Sector ETF Trader has become one of the most popular and successful ETF advisories around.

He really knows how to break down complex analysis into plain English that just about anyone can follow.

Corey says…

“Billions of dollars are flowing into ETFs every day, and professional investors are using advanced trading strategies to profit from market fluctuations… now it’s our turn to profit!”

He’s constantly reading books, research reports, economic papers, investor presentations, and just about anything and everything related to the financial markets.  It’s this massive consumption of information that allows him to analyze a company or sector to determine its likely future direction.

Using proprietary trading strategies, this gives readers the opportunity to capture consistent profits.

In addition to his groundbreaking service, Corey is the lead contributor to ETF Trading Research, where he shares his insights about ETFs and financial markets on a daily basis. He’s also a regular contributor to the Dynamic Wealth Report and the editor of one the hottest option trading services around – Elite Option Trader.

Before becoming one of the most beloved financial journalists in the world, Corey was a former banking executive.